Reading is fundamental to life, at least for me it is. I read at least as much as I watch zombie movies. If you consider that I watch films in other genres then I definitely spend more time watching film.
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Regardless, I truly love reading. I’m old fashioned in that I love paper books. I have not yet broken down and bought an e-reader ( if you should feel like giving me one as a gift drop me an email and we’ll chat).
Reading on the internet can be hit or miss. You don’t want to sign up and pay for something or a site that you may not like. Free is always good. Ok it’s not always good but in this case free is indeed good.

Wattpad is a site where writers post their wares and you get the chance to read them. Wattpad is free which only add to the goodness. At the site they claim to have more than 10 million stories and stuff is added every day. 10 million stories means that you pretty much have something for everyone and indeed there was something for me.

There are thousands of stories about zombies. Thousands. Now I can’t speak to the quality of all of them because even though most are fairly short there are just too many to read at any 1 time. Just think of it; thousands of stories, short stories, micro stories and 200 page books about zombies. The enormity of the thing is staggering.

I am quite certain that the Wattpad.com library of zombie books contains some stinkers. Perhaps even some that are downright horrid. But all we can do in this situation is check out the title and the description that comes with it and use that to determine if we want to read a particular story.

While it’s nice that Wattpad.com is free to use free is also it’s downfall. Whatever monies they might receive from backers and any adds they may or may not have it’s apparent where they spend that money. It’s all spent on the back-end.

The site does not appear to any editors. I read one piece of trash by a 16 year old girl. It was supposed to be about zombies but the piece was incoherent, it has horrible spelling – overall it was just a horrific mess. Sadly, she is likely getting ready to graduate high school and she can barely put together a coherent sentence. This does not bode well for whatever country our 16 year old happens to reside in. I won’t embarrass her by mentioning her name but I really should just to be a mean prick.

It’s also too bad for Wattpad.com. There might be some really good work on the site but if you happen to run into a couple of stories like the one authored by our 16 year old wordsmith then you’d be turned off the site forever and never return, which is the opposite of what Wattpad.com wants.

On the other end of the scale is Naomi Alderman. This Brit is a professional writer having had a couple of novels published by the likes of Penguin publishing. She turns in a spectacular effort with the oddly titled “The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home”. She claims that the story was written in part by Margaret Atwood and considering the quality of the work, I wouldn’t be surprised.

The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home is everything that that other piece of tripe isn’t. It is a literate short story that any writer would be proud of and any site would be proud to host. How much of this is attributable to the esteemed Ms. Atwood is not known to me. Ms. Atwood is one of the literary and literate of all writers living today so it’s no doubt that the Happy Zombie Sunrise Home reflects those values.

Wattpad.com offers a lot. Some of it is pure, unadulterated crap. Some of it is quite good. There are millions of stories and thousands of zombie stories in particular. When you get there use the search function for zombie and become entranced with some fine zombie fiction.
So if you are looking for a good fun zombie story I will recommend only 1 and that is The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home. Read it now and thank me later.

In the comments let me know which zombie story or book is your favorite. Maybe I can find some new reading material.

Things I like about Wattpad:

1) It’s free and free is good

2) It has some very good writers

3) The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home is available to read for free


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